More about ‘Falling for Felt’

Creating felt objects from colourful wool is an exciting and amazing pastime. Without any experience and with very little preparation or tools, Falling for Felt will help you to create something lovely in a jiffy, such as a double bracelet, a flower or a cable necklace. Each project is explained step-by-step and the book contains more than two hundred colour photos.

Anne Cool, Cable Necklace-1

Once you have succeeded in creating something simple, you will certainly want to continue. You can then try to create a pair of slippers or a two-tone woollen hat out of one piece of felt. These projects are also clearly described and illustrated in Falling for Felt. In fact, you cannot go wrong if you follow the instructions carefully.
You will soon discover that the possibilities for creating shapes and colours from felt are endless and that you will be able to make objects that you never dreamed you could.
This is what happens to you once you have fallen for felt…

Falling for Felt comes in a handy 20 x 20 cm (7.9 x 7.9 in.) size
Falling for Felt contains 64 pages with more than 200 colour photos
Falling for Felt costs €10,- per book
Falling for Felt is registered under ISBN 978-90-813661-1-3.
Falling for Felt is the English version of Wild van Vilt

Anne Cool, Falling for Felt, Slippers_2008-10-18-1